The Cybertraps Series

  • Cybertraps for the Young
  • Cybertraps for Educators
  • Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

Nationally-recognized cybersecurity and legal expert Frederick S. Lane delves deeply into how technology impacts us all at the most personal and intimate levels.  From dating through birth, from our first day of school to the last day of our professional lives our digital footprint leaves an indelible record.  Explore the best ways to protect your children, your privacy and your professional life in this blockbusting series.

Digital devices, apps, and the Internet offer obvious benefits: easy sharing of photos with far-flung relatives, fertility and conception trackers, baby monitors…

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Cybertraps for Educators offers teachers and school administrators a frank and sobering look at the various legal risks they face from the use and misuse…

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This reference provides parents with an authoritative lesson in cyberethics and practical instructions for instituting household internet policies…

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